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The Amazing Results of Teamwork.

Thank you for exploring our potential collaboration:

You need your project or campaign elements completed on time, on budget, and reflecting a message and a brand appearance that surpasses your expectations. Mark will help you get it done, look good, feel assuring relief, and be inspired by your new communication tools.


• You and Mark will work together as a team.

• You are heard throughout the process; your input is critical.

• We focus on what is relevant about you and your product or service.

• Mark will guide an effort that sets you apart - no generic branding; no boring ‘sameness’.

• There is something unique about your project that MUST be captured, presented and shared with the world.

   This is what we will do together.


A Professional Summary:

Mark earned Communication and Design Degrees at Universities in Michigan and Chicago. He cut teeth as a pro in Chicago Advertising at BBDO, Ogilvy, and The Ungar Group.
He then opened Mark Ingraham Creative.
He has built and sold profitable campaigns, inspired clients, attracted and contracted new clients, and won dozens of advertising and communication awards along the way.

And in doing so, Mark has developed a vivid, 'chameleon' style to marketing, art direction, and design that involves listening for and reflecting the true marketable power found in each client or prospect.

“I believe in a very collaborative process with my clients. My client-partner’s input is critical. I work to deliver your vision, reflecting who you are as a company, and making sure the finished product is even greater and more ‘ownable’ than you imagined. And you are involved in the creation and production steps; no uncomfortable surprises.”


As communication grows more digital, targeted and automated, human beings will continue to respond to the emotional and relevant appeal. This is Mark's specialty.


Here is some Personal Info:

Mark was born in Facebook's city of origin, but all formative years were in Michigan, on the outskirts of MSU.

Mark was ‘raised’ on The Beatles, Hendrix, Earth Wind & Fire, Jazz Fusion, Nature, Art Class, Football and Running.

Mark is equally inspired by standing in a dense, silent forest, or navigating a major bustling downtown.

If Marks’ not staring at a smart device with you right now, than he is probably playing guitar, working out, celebrating his family, or communing with nature or city.

Let's team up on something great.


847-217-4649 (INGY)

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